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Save money and fundraise for your student and the SFMA just by doing your everyday shopping!

WHAT IS RaiseRight?

RaiseRight is a nationwide program that benefits non-profit organizations such as the Spring-Ford Music Association. RaiseRight partners with more than 750 retailers to offer gift cards to pay for purchases. You buy the cards at face value and RaiseRight gives a rebate back to SFMA that is shared with your Student Point Account (SPA)!


To see what you can do, by just spending money, on things you already buy, and simply pay for your purchases using gift cards!!



  1. Go to and click "Join a Program"

  2. Enter the SFMA Enrollment code. This associates your accout with our organization so you can begin earning funds

  3. Fill in all required personal information and click "I Accept"

  4. Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers

To receive the SFMA enrollment code please email our

RaiseRight coordinator, Lauren Chychota, at:


If you have questions, or need more information on how

RaiseRight works, please contact us at:

We will be happy to help get your first order underway!

Oh, and by the way, several music association families have never paid for a music trip, they use their SPA funds from RaiseRight!

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