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Current Fundraisers

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Lottery Calendars - $10/ticket - drawings in May

Upcoming Dine Outs and Events

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SFMA trivia night - coming spring 2021, date is TBD

About SFMA Fundraising

The Spring-Ford Music Association relies heavily on fundraising for its yearly budget.  We do this through organizing many activities and events throughout the school year, some of which are listed above.  Money raised through fundraising is used to assist all of the music programs in the Spring-Ford Area School District. In many fundraisers (Wawa, pie sale, lottery calendar, etc.) a Spring-Ford music student can be identified during the purchase process and for those fundraisers the profit is split with the student.  For these fundraisers 40 percent of the profit goes into the SFMA budget while 60 percent of the profit is placed into a Student Point Account (SPA).  Students may then use the points in their SPA for any music related purchase or expense prior to their graduation.

Future Fundraisers

More fundraisers coming soon!

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