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2023 Golden Rams Essentials Kit

2023 Golden Rams Essentials Kit


Hello and welcome to the 2023 Marching Band Season!


As part of the Marching Band, students receive essential items to provide them with the tools needed for a successful season. Over the course of 4 years, this annual fee manages to pay for all of the items. 


Included every year:     


  •      Blue Band tee shirt
  •      Show Specific tee shirt
  •      Dot Books (Binders for Front Ensemble)
  •      Color Guard Makeup
  •      Color Guard Gloves
  •      Gauntlets & Gloves (when deemed necessary by Director)
  •      Show Uniform (when different from official Marching Band uniform)


Some entitlements are limited to 2 over a 4 year period (9th-12th):


  •      Dinkles
  •      Guard Shoes
  •      Guard Unitard


All first-year students receive:


  •      Championship Jacket


Some of the items differ depending on which section your student is in. You MUST fill out the essentials form for ordering accuracy, found here.

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