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  • Oversees all activities of the Spring-Ford Music Association.

  • The President is the chief executive officer of the Association.

  • Presides over all meetings of the Association

  • With assistance of the Spring-Ford Music Association Executive Members, establish committees as necessary and appropriate to operate the Association.  The President or their delegate is an ex-officio member of all committees (except for the Nominating Committee).

  • The President or their delegate is responsible to sign all legal and financial documentation which creates obligation on the part of the Association.

  • The President ensures the Association is operated within bylaws, agreements and policies set by its membership.   

  • The President ensures the mission of the Spring-Ford Music Association is aligned with the needs of the Spring-Ford Area School District musical student, as presented by various government, administration, school board, directors and instructors.

  • The President is the ambassador for the students supported by the Association ensuring all actions support the Spring-Ford Area School District Musical Students.

Vice President

Serve the President and Executive Board

  • Serve at the pleasure of the SFMA President.

  • Review and provide consultation on SFMA activities and processes

  • Provide thought leadership for special projects.

  • Serve the membership during scheduled events and with ad hoc inquiries.  


Operations Leadership

  • Provide oversight and direction in support of executing SFMA mission augmenting music programs.

  • Guide the Ram Crew and Prop Build Teams to support marching band and indoor percussion and color guard ensembles.

  • Coordinate vehicle and trailer needs with SFMA committee chairs and music directors to support music activities.

  • Manage availability and authorization of volunteer vehicle drivers.

  • Support executive board and committee chairs with fundraising and music event planning and execution.


  • The Treasurer shall have custody of the corporate funds and securities and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the corporation

  • Responsible for depositing the money of the corporation in a separate account to the credit of the corporation.

  • Responsible for disbursement of the funds of the corporation as may be ordered by the Executive Board, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements. 

  • Responsible for the tracking of received payments on an as needed basis.

  • Responsible to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Board or President



  • The Assistant Treasurer shall handle the tabulation, posting, and updating of the Student Point Account, (SPA) after each fundraising event and report to the general membership as needed. 

  • Responsible for keeping a complete file of all fundraiser reports and assist the Treasurer in his duties as assigned. 

  • Responsible to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Board or President under whose supervision they shall be.

  • The primary responsibility of the secretary of SFMA is to keep all records and perform all necessary communications (see more details below) for the organization. This includes but is not limited to legal documents, by-laws, minutes, agendas, promotional material, etc. 

  • The secretary shall attend all sessions of the Executive board and all the general membership meetings. 

  • The secretary is also responsible for recording all minutes for all membership meetings as well as sending out all necessary communications regarding the organization and any activities surrounding the organization and the groups we support.


Volunteer with the Spring-Ford Music Association

Interested in becoming a volunteer with the Spring-Ford Music Association?  Check out the information below to see the opportunities available.

We'd love to have you join us!!

Please note that being a volunteer requires an SFMA membership ($10/year) and a "Substantial Contact Volunteer" clearance with the Spring-Ford Area School District.  Click here to learn more about Spring-Ford's volunteer policy.

If you are interested in becoming an SFMA volunteer please feel free to reach out to any SFMA member or contact us at

Click on any of the positions below to see a description of what the position entails.

Board Members: These positions serve in 2-year terms and require appointment by the SFMA general membership by vote

  • President: Oversees all activities and is the chief executive officer of the Association 

  • Vice President: Assists the President in all relevant duties related to the organization

  • Secretary: Primary officer in charge of association communication and recordkeeping

  • Treasurer: Has custody of the corporate funds and securities and keeps full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books

  • Asst. Treasurer: Oversees Student Point Accounts (SPA) and assists the Treasurer in financial duties


  • Ensure the safety of all students during events, games, and competitions.

  • Travel with the ensembles

  • Know the whereabouts of students at each event

  • Be the student’s primary adult contact during the event period

  • Ensure allergy guidelines are followed when food is present

  • Responsibility for physical supplies transported to each event, including first aid, basic sewing, and cleaning

  • Administer basic first aid, such as application of bandages and ice packs


  • Measure ensemble members for proper uniform or attire sizing

  • Complete sewing tasks such as adjusting sleeve lengths and pant hems

  • Assist with dry cleaning of uniforms at season's end including packing and transport

  • Perform inventory of uniforms at the end of the school year

  • Wash competition gauntlets as needed during football/competition season and prior to end of year storage


  • Help organize and identify fundraising sales, events, and dine outs

  • Coordinate with external vendors to order fundraiser items and schedule pickup/delivery

  • Work with data committee and treasurer to ensure all fundraiser items have been paid for

  • Work with data committee and assistant treasurer to ensure SPA amounts are calculated correctly

  • Help ensure all fundraiser items are distributed to those who purchased

  • Interact with the public to sell concessions as a fundraiser for SFMA

  • Help set up concession stand/booth prior to the start of an event

  • Light cleaning tasks in preparation for opening of sales

  • Food prep tasks that can be completed prior to opening, such as heating up grill, wrapping of grab and go items, condiments display, etc.

  • Examples of concessions positions include: Cashier, Griller, Runner (deliver completed orders to customer)

  • Perform tasks associated with beverage sales including ice delivery, inventory replenishment, and preparation of hot beverages

  • Fill in at any spot when needed if there is a rush

  • Help clean up the concession stand/booth at the end of the night


Ram Crew

  • Can have ANY level of assistance (single show, full commit to every game/competition, etc.), personal preference should be communicated to Ram Crew Captain

  • Design, build, and decorate props for marching band, indoor percussion, and winter guard ensembles

  • Travel with the ensembles to events, including driving vehicles (school vans with trailers attached, Penske trucks, etc.)

  • Load/Unload trucks with props and musical instruments for each travel event

  • Assist with getting ensembles to their performance area, including all equipment/props transport

  • Help ensembles get on/off performance area in a timely manner

  • Assist during ensemble practices with prop/equipment staging and transport


  • Write and distribute regularly released “Happenings” newsletters

  • Send communications about meetings and events to all music program directors

  • Send communications about meetings and events to the district communications coordinator and any school officials

  • Coordinate distribution of pertinent information to music program directors for distribution to parents and students

  • Manage the overall messaging from the organization to ensure consistency of information and image

  • Create and manage volunteer sign ups, communications and invites through Sign Up Genius, email and evite or other necessary means

Data Team

  • TBD

General Volunteer Descriptions

Board Member Descriptions

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