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Divine Apples Fundraiser
SFMA is proud to partner with
Divine Apples in this brand new fundraiser!
Enjoy a variety of their delicious applies that are hand crafted right here in Limerick.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Orders due Sunday, March 13th

If you would like your student to receive credit for the sale, please remember to include their name, ensemble, and grade when ordering. Otherwise, please select 'other' for all fields and your donation will be added to the general music fund.

Click here to learn more about SFMA and how we support ALL of the music programs throughout the Spring-Ford Area School District.

Choose from the following varieties:

  • Dark chocolate with sea salt

  • Milk chocolate with sea salt
  • Strudel

  • Sprinkles*

  • Caramel

* - please note that Sprinkles apples may be rainbow or chocolate, depending on availability

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