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SFMA Lottery Fundraiser - November 2021
Tickets are $10 each
Sales run through October 31st or when all tickets have been sold

Tickets for this fundraiser can be purchased online.  Please note that we cannot fulfill requests for specific numbers for online purchases, you will receive a randomly chosen number for each ticket you purchase.

​To purchase tickets online:

  1. Click the "Buy Tickets" button below

  2. Choose your preferred contact method - email or phone number

  3. Provide your contact information

  4. Enter your student name so they receive fundraising credit for the sale. Otherwise enter "other" and your donation will go the SFMA general fund

  5. Select the quantity of tickets you would like to purchase

After receiving your online order we will contact you through your requested method to collect all information needed to fill out the tickets. Once your numbers have been selected and the tickets are filled out we will email or text you a picture of the completed tickets.

Don't forget to include your student name so they receive SPA credit for the sale!

Questions? Contact us at

​SFMA lottery fundraiser frequently asked questions

  1. The numbers are based on the Pennsylvania evening daily number drawing (3 digits)

  2. The drawings will take place during the month of November 2021

  3. The number on your ticket must match in the exact order of how the number is drawn (no alternate combination of same numbers)

  4. All tickets purchased online will have numbers randomly assigned

  5. In the event not all tickets are sold, they will be listed as “not sold”

  6. Daily payouts vary. The breakdowns for each day are on the card the buyer keeps

  7. No need to follow along every day, we will do this for you. We will contact you if you win

  8. All winnings will be paid out the following month. No need to contact us, we will contact the winners individually to arrange payment

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