What is Scrip


Scrip is a nationwide program that benefits non-profit organizations such as Spring-Ford Music Association. Scrip partners with more than 750 retailers to offer gift cards to be used to pay for purchases. You buy and use the cards AT FACE VALUE, and Scrip gives a rebate back to SFMA (2-16%) that is shared with your SPA! 

Click on this to see what you can do, by just spending money, on things you already buy, and simply pay for your purchases using gift cards!!

Scrip Details Presentation

If you have questions contact Kim Staquet at info@springfordmusic.org, and she will fill in the details and help get your first order underway!!  Oh by the way, Kim has never paid for a school trip yet, she uses her SPA from Scrip!!

Here is a FAQ with even more tricks and Tips:  SCRIP FAQ

Scrip is a different way of SAVING MONEY (fundraising) for YOUR benefit and for SFMA! No phone calls, no door to door, all you do is buy things as you normally do and you raise money ... intrigued?