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Both subscriptions will be used by the students as part of their weekly lesson, practice and assignments.  In order to get the lowest price possible for these student subscriptions, the subscriptions have to be paid all at once.  SFMA is able to offer us the ability to have parents pay for both subscriptions with one payment that can be made online, which will then allow Mrs. Jennings the opportunity to purchase the student subscriptions at the lowest price.  Once the student subscriptions have been purchased, Mrs. Jennings will send out a redemption code that the students will use to sign up/access the two programs.​

  • Built-in practice tools  A tuner, metronome, and immediate feedback via red + green notes

  • Essential content  Exercises, sight-reading tools, select state scales

  • Method books  Full access to over 150 methods books

  • Assigned sight reading  Assignments based on customized exercises from the Sight Reading Builder

  • Assigned custom titles  Assignments based on content their teacher uploaded or composed in SmartMusic

  • Assigned solo titles  Access to any assigned solo titles

  • Assigned ensemble titles  Access to any assigned ensemble titles

  • Solo discovery  Students can explore and practice thousands of solo titles (even those not assigned)

  • Ensemble discovery  Students can explore and practice all 5400+ ensemble titles (even those not assigned)

  • Print add-on Students will be able to print out their songs

2023-2024 Middle School Band Curriculum


Payment for this subscription package must be made through this online store by Friday, Oct. 20th.


As part of the MS band curriculum, students will be using Smartmusic and Breezin’ThruTheory web-based programs as part of their lessons and music preparation.  The package that parents are being asked to purchase will provide your child with access to each subscription service for the 2023-24 school year (subscriptions are NOT auto renew).  The Breezin’ThruTheory subscription (cost is $15 for the 2023-24 school year) will provide students with 12 chapters of music theory instruction and practice that will strengthen their music theory knowledge and note reading skills.  The Smartmusic subscription ($35 for this school year) will provide students with access to the following:

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