Spring-Ford Music Association

Bring your ideas

The Fundraising Committee meets at 6:30pm the second Tuesday of each month during the school year in the SFHS 10-12 Center Music Rooms.
Have an Fundraising idea, email us at springfordmusic@gmail.com

Current Fundraisers

Home Show Program Book - Look for this in August

Mattress Sale - October 20th


    Spring-Ford Music Association will run fundraisers to raise money to support the music programs within the Spring-Ford School District.  The association pays for items such as equipment, color guard uniforms, uniform accessories, music, etc.  In most fundraisers, the profit is split with the students 60/40.  That is 60 percent of the profit to the student and 40 percent to the association.  This helps the students raise money to pay for trips and music supplies they may want.  The money is placed in a student’s point account, SPA, and they may use the points to purchase anything music related before graduation.