Spring-Ford Music Association will run fundraisers to raise money to support the music programs within the Spring-Ford School District.  The association pays for items such as equipment, color guard uniforms, uniform accessories, music, etc.  In most fundraisers, the profit is split with the students 60/40.  That is 60 percent of the profit to the student and 40 percent to the association.  This helps the students raise money to pay for trips and music supplies they may want.  The money is placed in a student’s point account, SPA, and they may use the points to purchase anything music related before graduation. 

Spring-Ford Music Association

Bring your ideas

The Fundraising Committee meets at 6:30pm the second Tuesday of each month during the school year in the SFHS 10-12 Center Music Rooms.
Have an Fundraising idea, email us at

Current Fundraisers

Spaghetti Dinner

Enjoy an all you can eat spaghetti dinner on Saturday, October 6th from 4pm to 7pm! Pay a low price of $9.00 in advance, or $10.00 at the door! Students pay an even lower price of $6.00, as well as children under 5 eating for free! As always, all proceeds support the Spring-Ford Music Association.

SCRIP Gift Card Program

SCRIP is a game changer!!  If you spend money in anyway, then SCRIP is for you!!

SCRIP is Gift Card program, it is an SPA fundraiser and it will stay with us forever, it'll become part of our culture.

If you attended the first SFMA general meeting of the year on Tues Aug 8th, you heard all about our new, easy, no-selling, year-round fundraiser called ShopWithScrip. Basically, you save $$ into your SPA by simply doing all your normal day-to-day shopping and instead of paying with cash, debit card or credit, you pay with gift cards (plastic or electronic) you've purchased from For every gift card you buy, ShopWithScrip gives a rebate (percentage predetermined by retailer) back to SFMA that is split 60/40 between your SPA and the SFMA general fund. What could be easier?? Save while you shop! The only "catch" is that you need to do just a little bit of preplanning for purchases from retailers that only provide physical gift cards (these orders are available in less than a week after you order) or you need to remember to buy the electronic gift card on your MyScripWallet mobile app while you're standing in the checkout line!

How to sign up:

        1. If you don't already have the SFMA specific enrollment code (these were handed out at the Aug 8th meeting), email Coordinator Kim Staquet at

        2. Go to to create a new account and then click Join a Program to enter the SFMA enrollment code

        3. Sign up for PrestoPay to pay for the gift cards by electronic debit from your checking or savings account 

        4. Go to to download and save the mobile app to your phone to use and manage all your electronic gift cards and physical card reloads while on the go

Scrip Instruction Guide:

        • Scrip Intro

        • How To Enroll

        •Scrip Tracker

        • Use MyScripWallet

        • What is Scrip

**Bulk physical card orders for all families will be ordered every week by Sunday night at 8:00 pm. These orders should be received and ready for pickup by the following Thursday at the latest. Pickup times/locations will be sent out through the SFMA Happenings email Newsletter,   and we will also email families directly.**"