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SFMA membership meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of each month (except July)

Click below to view the minutes from a 2021-22 membership meeting

To view the agenda for the upcoming or most recent membership meeting click here

To view membership meeting minutes from past years click here


We are parents & community members who support all the music programs throughout the Spring-Ford Area School District


We provide organizational, in-person, logistical, and operating support for all our music programs. This includes fundraising, food prep, moving, prop assembly, chaperoning, planning, and other such tasks and commitments


Our student musicians deserve the extra support and good spirit from the community! We handle the work behind the scenes, letting them focus on sharing their talents and hard work with us

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The best way to describe the SFMA ... we are to the entire district's music programs what the HSA/PTO are to the elementary programs, or what the athletic boosters are to the sports programs.

Eric Fretz

Vice President, SFMA

Proud to Support All Music Programs in the Spring-Ford Area School District

SFMA is a non-profit organization that provides financial, volunteer, and logistical support to all of the music ensembles of the Spring-Ford Area School District

Click here to learn more about the Spring-Ford Music Association

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Wednesday, 8/10, 6:30-9pm at the 10-12 band room

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