2021 Golden Rams Essentials Pack

The 2021 Golden Rams Marching Band season will work a bit differently than most years as we will not be wearing the standard uniform this year.  Each marching band member will need to obtain their own black pants to complete the uniform but will not need white gloves or gauntlets.

All students should purchase the 2021 Golden Rams Essentials pack which includes the following items

  • The chef coat uniform

  • A new Spring-Ford Golden Rams blue shirt

  • A to-be-announced show shirt

  • Dot book (with string) or binder depending on which unit you are in

The following items are optional and should only be ordered if you need new ones

  • Marching Band - black shoes (dinkles)

  • Color Guard - tan gloves

  • Color Guard - black shoes

  • Color Guard - unitard (both short sleeve and long sleeve unitards are acceptable)

If possible, we prefer that all items be paid for by either credit card (PayPal) or Venmo to reduce contact.  All items will be delivered via a safe handling method.